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2013-present Ford Fusion Wiring Diagrams | 2013-present Ford Mondeo Wiring Diagrams

2013-present Ford FusionThe second generation Ford Fusion (including Ford Fusion Hybrid & Ford Fusion Energi) and the fourth generation Ford Mondeo (including Ford Mondeo Hybrid) wiring diagrams for do-it-yourselfers. Platform: Ford CD4. Covered: 2013-present Ford Fusion and 2013-present Ford Mondeo.

Air Conditioning
Automatic A/C Circuit, Except Hybrid; Automatic A/C Circuit, Hybrid; Manual A/C Circuit
Anti-Lock Brakes
Anti-lock Brakes Circuit, Except Hybrid; Anti-lock Brakes Circuit, Hybrid
Forced Entry Circuit; Passive Anti-theft Circuit
Body Control Modules
Body Control Modules Circuit, Except Hybrid; Body Control Modules Circuit, Hybrid
Computer Data Lines
Computer Data Lines Circuit, Except Hybrid; Computer Data Lines Circuit, Hybrid
Cooling Fan
Cooling Fan Circuit, Except Hybrid; Cooling Fan Circuit, Hybrid
Cruise Control
Cruise Control Circuit, Except Hybrid; Cruise Control Circuit, Hybrid
Defoggers Circuit
Electronic Power Steering
Electronic Power Steering Circuit, Except Hybrid; Electronic Power Steering Circuit, Hybrid
Electronic Suspension
Electronic Suspension Circuit
Engine Performance
1.5L Turbo, Engine Performance Circuit; 1.6L Turbo, Engine Performance Circuit; 2.0L Hybrid, Engine Performance Circuit; 2.0L Turbo, Engine Performance Circuit; 2.5L, Engine Performance Circuit
Exterior Lights
Backup Lamps Circuit; Exterior Lamps Circuit, W/ Halogen Headamps; Exterior Lamps Circuit, W/O Halogen Headlamps
Ground Distribution
Ground Distribution Circuit, Except Hybrid; Ground Distribution Circuit, Hybrid
Headlights Circuit
Horn Circuit, Except Hybrid; Horn Circuit, Hybrid
Instrument Cluster
Instrument Cluster Circuit
Interior Lights
Courtesy Lamps Circuit; Instrument Illumination Circuit
Memory Systems
Memory Mirrors Circuit, Except Hybrid; Memory Mirrors Circuit, Hybrid; Memory Seat Circuit, Except Hybrid; Memory Seat Circuit, Hybrid; Steering Column Memory Circuit
Blind Spot Information System Circuit; Crew Chief Circuit; Navigation Circuit, W/ Sony; Navigation Circuit, W/O Sony; Parking Assistant Circuit; Rear Camera Circuit
Power Distribution
Power Distribution Circuit, Except Hybrid; Power Distribution Circuit, Hybrid
Power Door Locks
Power Door Locks Circuit
Power Mirrors
Electrochromic Mirror Circuit, W/ Rain Sensor; Electrochromic Mirror Circuit, W/O Rain Sensor; Power Mirrors Circuit
Power Seats
Climate Control Seats Circuit; Front Heated Seats Circuit; Heated Steering Wheel Circuit; Power Seats Circuit, 10-Way Seat; Power Seats Circuit, 4-Way Seat; Rear Heated Seats Circuit
Power Top/Sunroof
Power Top/Sunroof Circuit
Power Windows
Power Windows Circuit
Base Radio Circuit; Premium Radio Circuit; SONY Radio Circuit; SYNC Radio Circuit
Shift Interlock
Shift Interlock Circuit, Except Hybrid; Shift Interlock Circuit, Hybrid
Charging Circuit; Starting Circuit
Supplemental Restraints
Supplemental Restraints Circuit, Except Hybrid; Supplemental Restraints Circuit, Hybrid
1.5L Turbo, A/T Circuit; 2.0L Hybrid, A/T Circuit; 2.0L Hybrid, AWD Circuit; 2.0L Turbo, A/T Circuit; 2.0L Turbo, AWD Circuit; 2.5L, A/T Circuit
Trunk, Tailgate & Fuel Door
Fuel Door Release Circuit; Trunk Release Circuit, W/ Power Decklid; Trunk Release Circuit, W/O Power Decklid
Warning Systems
Chime Circuit; Tire Pressure Monitoring Circuit
Wiper/Washer Circuit
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