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BMW Service Manuals | Current Service

BMW current service – is a part of BMW service manuals: General Information. This part contains the detailed description of works and all necessary service diagrams for all BMW models from 1970.
– current service
– check of liquids levels
– replacement of impellent oil and oil filter
– replacement of an element of an air filter
– braking system check
– the visual control of the bottom and body elements
– wheels and tyres: rotation, replacement, balancing and leaving
– check of drivebelts condition
– check of battery condition
– check and replacement of spark plugs
– fuel system check
– winter operation of the diesel engine
– check of cooling system functioning
– check of exhaust system condition
– check of suspender and steering condition
– visual check of seat belts
– replacement of a brake liquid
– replacement of cooling system liquid
– visual check of cooling system
– replacement of fuel filter
– replacement of transmission oil.
By means of BMW current service You can study devices of Your BMW and execute different simple kinds of repair of the car. You can find step-by-step instructions and information in BMW repair manuals: General Information.

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