Free BRP Can-Am Repair Manuals

Free BRP Can-Am repair manuals [pdf] for do-it-yourselfers.

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General Information (all-terrain vehicle identification number, engine identification number, illustrations and procedures, engine emissions information, self-locking fasteners procedure, loctite application procedure, tightening torques);
Maintenance (noise emission control system regulation, preseason preparation, storage procedures, all-terrain vehicle cleaning, fuel stabilizer, engine lubrication, rags installation, coolant density, drive and driven pulleys protection, all-terrain vehicle protection, special procedures: turnover, ATV immersion);
Troubleshooting (cooling system, magneto system, lubrication, cylinder and head, crankshaft and balancer shaft, gearbox, rewind starter, CVT disconect unit, engine general);
Engine System (general procedures, air filter, air filter box cleaning/draining; lubrication system: oil level check, oil change, oil filter; cooling system: cooling system leak test, coolant replacement, thermostat, radiator cap, radiator, coolant tank, radiator fan, coolant temperature sensor, fan activation switch; exhaust system: exhaust pipe, muffler, heat shield, muffler support, rubber bushing, front exhaust pipe, ‘Y’ exhaust pipe, fuel tank protector; engine removal and instalation: engine removal, engine mount replacement, engine instalation; engine management: overview, operating principle, air induction, fuel system, electrical system, engine management system, electronic fuel injection, ignition, other engine management functions, engine management system flowchart; diagnostic procedure: procedures, communication tools, software, electrical connections, communication procedures, fault codes; component inspection, replacement and adjustment: fuel system, electrical system, idle speed, ignition timing, throttle body, fuel rail, fuel injector, engine control module, throttle position sensor, idle bypass valve, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, manifold air pressure and temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor, oil pressure switch);
Fuel System (fuel tank and fuel pump, fuel gauge, fuel tank protectors, fuel tank strainer, fuel valve, fuel delivery system diagnostic flow chart; carburetor: general, procedures, throttle cable, choke cable);
Electrical System (charging system: voltage regulator/rectifier, stator, battery; ignition system: main fuse condition, spark occurrence, battery condition, ignition switch, crankshaft position sensor, ignition coil, electronic module, ignition timing, spark plug; starting system: starting system troubleshooting – fuses, battery, ignition switch, engine stop switch, start switch, starting solenoid, electrical cables or connections, electric starter, pert replacement; digitally encoded security system: key programming; lights, instruments and accessories: fuses, relay, diode; speedometer functions, all-terrain vehicle speed sensor, fuel level sender, multi-function switch, 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, 12-volt power outlet, headlamp, taillight, winch, winch control switch);
Transmission (continuously variable transmission (CVT): drive belt, drive pulley, driven pulley, CVT air guide; gearbox and 4×4 coupling unit: maintenance, oil change, shifting indicator switch, oil seals, actuator, output shaft and coupling mechanism, gearbox, engine drive shaft; transmission linkage: transmission lever handle, transmission lever, link rod, shifting plate);
Drivetrain (front drive: tires and wheels, wheel hub, front drive shaft, front differential, front propeller shaft, propeller shaft u-joint; rear drive: tires and wheels, wheel hub, differential protector, drive shaft, drive shaft boot, rear propeller shaft, rear propeller shaft u-joint, rear differential);
Steering System (handlebar grip, handlebar cover, handlebar, steering column, steering column bearing, tie-rod, knuckle, wheel bearing, milti-function switch, throttle handle, handle brake, adjustment, steering alignment);
Suspension (front suspension: shock absorber and spring, lower suspension arm protector, lower suspension arm, lower ball joint, upper suspension arm, upper suspension arm bracket, upper ball joint; rear suspension: rear shock, torsion bar, trailing arm, trailing arm bearings);
Brakes (front and rear brakes, brake fluid, brake light switch, parking brake mechanism, brake lever, rear master cylindr, caliper, brake pads, brake disc, brake pedal, brake hoses);
Body/Frame (body: seat, central panel, dashboard, side panel, footrest, console, inner fender, heavy duty bumper, front bumper/front skid plate/front fascia, luggage rack, fender, fuel valve support, fender support, decals replacement, hitch/trailer ball, plastic maintenance, plastic repair; frame: footrest support, battery support, hitch, frame);
Technical Specifications;
Electrical Connectors And Wiring Diagrams (electrical connectors: deutsch connectors, ECM connectors, multi-function speedometer connector, battery and starter cable terminals; wiring diagrams: wiring connectors coding, wire colors, wire gauge, connector housing area, connector identification, wire location in connector).

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