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Check of a Control System by Audi A4 Ignition

Audi A4 ignition system repair manuals – is a part of Audi A4 repair manuals: Electrical System. Download free Audi A4 ignition system repair manuals and free Audi A4 ignition system repair diagrams and you will save both time and money. In these manuals You will find all necessary information about service and repair of ignition systems of various Audi A4 models. Each repair manual contains the detailed description of works and all necessary repair diagrams.
Checks of a control system by ignition and injection
Control system components are very reliable. Failures, as a rule, are connected with unreliability or pollution of contact pieces. Breakdowns of high-voltage wires arise because of pollution, moistness or an insulation failure, instead of because of failure a system component more often. Before drawing a conclusion on failure of any component, check up its conducting.
To check working capacity of a high-voltage wire, having removed it from a candle and having approached to an engine surface (observing of spark presence), it is impossible. You risk not only to receive blow by a current, but also to damage a control package or an ignition coil. If the engine works astably, never remove tips of wires from candles for definition of the faulty.
Described below check it is necessary to carry out, if failure is obvious (starter refusal, combustion misses, etc.). Some failures are less obvious and can not be shown that the engine management system was switched in the emergency operation ignoring signals of separate gauges and using. A similar sort of failure are shown in increase of fuel consumption, instability of turns of idle running, a loss of power, detonations etc. If you have found out similar symptoms, address in an auto repair shop.
By means of Audi A4 ignition system repair manuals You can study devices of Your Audi A4 ignition system and execute different simple kinds of repair of the ignition system. You can find step-by-step instructions and councils of professional experts in repair of Audi A4 ignition system in Audi A4 repair manuals: Electrical System.

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