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Ford Service Manuals | Periodic Inspections And Adjustment Introduction

Ford periodic inspections and adjustment introduction – the most complete guide to exclusive Ford service information on the web. Each Ford service manual contains the detailed description of periodic inspections and adjustment introduction and all necessary service diagrams for all Ford models.
The full Ford service manual includes (for all Ford models):
– periodic maintenance / lubrication
– engine: valve clearance, spark plug, fuel line, exhaust system, throttle, lever adjustment, idle speed, engine oil
– cam chain adjustment
– clutch adjustment
– checking ignition timing
– compression pressure measurement
– final gear oil, gear oil replacement
– air filter
– front brake lever, brake pedal and rear brake lever adjustment, brake lining inspection, brake pads inspection
– steering system inspection
– wheel bearings
– fuel cock
– tires, tire tread
– cable inspection and lubrication
– battery
– headlight bulb replacement
– headlight beam adjustment
– fuses.

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