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Free Ford Service Manuals | System of a Pretension of Seat Belts

Ford system of a pretension of seat belts – is a part of Ford service manuals: Body.
System of a pretension of seat belts
The system is established on both front places. Sudden slowdown of a vehicle at front or nearly so a head-on collision is fixed by the weight gauge. If slowdown big enough the gauge moves forward and activates the device of a pretension of seat belts. It occurs before the passenger kept by a seat belt, will be thrown out forward owing to crash. As a result the seat belt stretches approximately on 120 mm which are distributed between humeral and zone branches.
After the tensioner of seat belts has worked, the stalk under the influence of the rattle gear cannot come back independently in a home position, it jumps aside downwards, below an edge of a pillow of a seat. The system of a pretension of seat belts works at crash with speed over 12 km/h.
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