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General Information (before servicing, model identification, general specifications, unit conversion table);
Periodic Maintenance (periodic maintenance chart, torque and locking agent, specifications, special tools, periodic maintenance procedures: fuel system, throttle lever free play inspection, throttle lever free play adjustment, choke lever free play inspection, choke lever free play adjustment, idle speed inspection, idle speed adjustment, fuel system cleanliness inspection, air cleaner element cleaning and inspection, air cleaner draining, fuel hose and connection inspection, fuel hose replacement, cooling system: radiator cleaning, radiator hose and connection inspection, coolant change, engine top end: valve clearance inspection, valve clearance adjustment, spark arrester cleaning, converter system, drive belt inspection, drive belt deflection inspection, drive belt deflection adjustment, actuator lever (engine brake control lever) assembly/inspection, engine lubrication system: engine oil change, oil filter replacement, wheels/tires, tire inspection, final drive: variable differential control lever play inspection/adjustment front final gear case oil change, rear final gear case oil change, universal joint lubrication, brakes: front brake pad wear inspection, front brake hoses and connections inspection, front brake hose replacement, brake fluid level inspection, brake fluid change, front brake master cylinder piston assembly and dust seal/front brake caliper piston seal and dust seal/rear brake plates replacement, rear brake lever free play/brake pedal free play inspection, rear brake lever and pedal free play adjustment, steering: steering inspection, electrical system: spark plug cleaning/inspection, spark plug gap/brake light switch inspection, brake light timing adjustment, drive belt failure detection system/joint boots/front axle/knuckle joint boot inspection/front propeller shaft boot/tie-rod end boot/rear propeller shaft joint boot/rear axle/stabilizer joint boot inspection, lubrication, bolts and nuts tightening, tightness inspection);
Fuel System (throttle lever and cable, throttle lever free play inspection/adjustment, throttle case removal / disassembly / assembly/installation/inspection, throttle cable installation / lubrication / inspection, choke lever free play inspection / adjustment, choke lever and cable removal/installation, choke cable lubrication/inspection, carburetor: idle speed inspection/adjustment, pilot screw adjustment, service fuel level inspection/adjustment, carburetor synchronization inspection / adjustment, fuel system cleanliness inspection, carburetor removal / installation / disassembly / assembly / separation / joining / cleaning / inspection; air cleaner: air cleaner element removal/installation/cleaning/inspection, air cleaner housing removal/installation; fuel tank: fuel tank removal / installation / cleaning, fuel tap removal / installation / inspection / cleaning; fuel pump: fuel pump removal/installation/inspection);
Cooling System (coolant: coolant deterioration/coolant level inspection, coolant draining, coolant filling, pressure testing; water pump: water pump cover removal/installation, water pump impeller removal / installation / inspection, water pump leakage inspection, mechanical seal replacement; radiator removal / installation / inspection / cleaning, radiator fan removal / installation, radiator cap inspection, thermostat removal / installation / inspection, radiator fan switch removal / installation / inspection, coolant temperature warning light switch removal/installation/inspection);
Engine Top End (camshaft chain tensioner removal/installation, rocker case removal/installation, rocker arm removal / installation / inspection, rocker shaft diameter measurement, camshaft removal / installation / assembly, cam wear, camshaft bearing wear, kacr inspection/removal/installation, camshaft chain remova/installation/guide wear, cylinder compression measurement, cylinder head removal/installation/cleaning/warp, valve clearance inspection/adjustment, valve removal/installation, valve guide removal/installation, valve-to-guide clearance measurement, valve seat inspection/repair (valve lapping), cylinder and piston removal/installation, cylinder wear, piston wear, piston/cylinder clearance, piston ring, piston ring groove wear, piston ring groove width, piston ring thickness, piston ring end gap, spark arrester cleaning, muffler and exhaust pipe removal/installation, exhaust system inspection);
Converter System (torque converter cover removal / installation / disassembly, actuator lever (engine brake control lever) assembly inspection, torque converter cover assembly, drive belt removal / installation / deflection inspection / deflection adjustment / inspection, drive pulley removal / disassembly / inspection, spider shoe side clearance adjustment, drive pulley assembly/installation, driven pulley removal / disassembly / inspection / assembly / installation, high altitude setting information);
Recoil Starter (recoil starter removal / installation / inspection);
Engine Lubrication System (engine oil and oil filter, oil level inspection, engine oil change, oil filter change, oil screen removal/cleaning, oil pressure measurement, oil pressure relief valve removal / installation / inspection, oil pump removal/installation, oil pipe removal/installation);
Engine Removal/Installation (engine removal/installation);
Crankshaft/Transmission (crankcase disassembly / assembly, crankshaft/connection rod removal / installation / cleaning, connecting rod bend/twist/big end side clearance/big end bearing/crankpin wear, crankshaft runout, crankshaft main bearing/journal wear, shift lever removal/installation, transmission removal/installation, shift fork bending, shift fork/gear and shifter groove wear, transmission and shift mechanism inspection, ball bearing, needle bearing, and oil seal, ball and needle bearing replacement/wear, oil seal inspection);
Wheels/Tires (wheel alignment, steering centering inspection/adjustment, toe-in inspection/adjustment, wheels removal / installation / inspection / replacement, tire removal / installation / inspection, front hub removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, rear hub removal / installation / disassembly / assembly);
Final Drive (output drive bevel gear removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, output driven bevel gear removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, output bevel gears adjustment/inspection, front propeller shaft removal installation, front axle removal,installation, front axle joint boot inspection/replacement, front final gear case oil level inspection, front final gear case oil change, variable differential control lever play inspection/adjustment, variable differential control lever removal/installation, variable differential control cable installation / lubrication / inspection, front final gear case removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, oil seal installation, ring gear disassembly/assembly, lsd clutch torque inspection, pinion gear unit disassembly/assembly, front final bevel gear adjustment/inspection, differential gear inspection, rear propeller shaft removal/installation/inspection, rear axle removal/installation, rear axle joint boot inspection/replacement, rear final gear case oil level inspection/oil change, rear final gear case removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, rear final gear case right cover assembly, rear final gear case front cover assembly);
Brakes (brake fluid recommendation / inspection / change, brake line air bleeding, master cylinder removal / installation / disassembly / assembly / inspection, calipers removal/installation/disassembly/assembly, fluid seal/dust seal and friction boot/piston and cylinder damage, caliper holder shaft wear inspection, brake pads removal/installation, brake pad wear inspection, brake discs cleaning / removal / installation / wear / runout, brake hoses inspection/replacement, brake pedal position inspection/adjustment, rear brake lever free play inspection/adjustment, brake pedal removal/installation, brake cable removal/installation/lubrication, internal wet brake disassembly/assembly);
Suspension (front shock absorber preload adjustment / removal / installation / inspection / scrapping, rear shock absorber preload adjustment / removal / installation / inspection / spring replacement/scrapping, suspension arm removal/installation/disassembly/assembly, rear suspension arm removal/installation/disassembly/assembly, stabilizer removal/installation);
Steering (steering stem removal/installation, front knuckle removal/installation, front knuckle bearing removal/installation, tie-rod removal/installation, tie-rod end removal/installation, steering maintenance/inspection, steering stem straightness, steering bearing sleeve lubrication, steering stem clamp/steering stem bearing/steering knuckle bearing/tie-rod end inspection/steering knuckle joint inspection, handlebar removal/installation);
Frame (seat removal/installation, front/rear carrier removal/installation, front/rear carrier bracket installation, front/rear fender removal/installation, middle/left/right side cover removal/installation, electrical parts case removal/installation, radiator cover removal/installation, front guard installation, front/rear bottom guard removal/installation, engine bottom guard removal/installation, left/right footboard removal/installation, trailer hitch bracket removal/installation);
Electrical System (wiring inspection, battery removal / installation / activation, alternator cover/rotor/stator removal/installation, regulator/rectifier output voltage/alternator/regulator/rectifier inspection, spark plug removal / installation / cleaning / inspection, ignition coil removal/installation/inspection, crankshaft sensor removal / installation / inspection, alternator rotor inspection, ignition timing test, vehicle-down sensor outline / removal / installation / inspection, starter motor removal / installation / disassembly / assembly, commutator cleaning/inspection, armature inspection, starter motor brush length, brush assembly/starter relay/circuitrelay inspection, starter motor clutch removal/installation/inspection, headlight beam vertical adjustment, headlight/taillight bulb replacement, radiator fan circuit/motor/breaker inspection/installation, fuel level sensor removal/installation/inspection, multifunction meter unit removal/inspection, drive belt failure mode memory clearing procedure, engine brake actuator removal/installation, actuator control system outline/troubleshooting, drive belt failure detection system inspection, carburetor heater system air temperature sensor inspection, brake light switch adjustment/inspection, coolant temperature warning light switch inspection, drive belt failure detection, fuse removal / installation / inspection);
Wiring Diagram (complete all-terrain vehicle).

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