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Free Polaris repair manuals [pdf] for do-it-yourselfers.

Polaris Ranger
Polaris Ranger repair manuals
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Polaris Sawtooth repair manuals
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Polaris Scrambler
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General Information (safety first, cleaning parts, handling gasoline safely, service hints, torque specifications, fasteners, lubricants, threadlocking compound RTV gasket sealant, expendable supplies, serial numbers, warning and information labels, basic hand tools, precision measuring tools, special tools, fabricating lools, mechanic’s lips, bearing replacement, scab, storage);
Troubleshooting (operating requirements, troubleshooting instruments, starling the engine, starting difficulties tingine is difficult to start, engine starting system, charging sysiem, ignition system, electronic throttle control, fuel system, engine overheating, engine, engine noises, cylinder leak down test, power train, steering, frame noise, brakes);
Lubrication, Maintenance And Tune-Up (pre-ride chock list, tires and wheels, battery, battery electrical cable connectors, periodic lubrication, periodic maintenance, unscheduled inspection and maintenance, engine tune-up);
Engine (engine top end: engine principles, engine cooling, engine lubrication, servicing the engine in the frame, exhaust system, cylinder head cover, rocker arm assembly camshaft, cylinder head, valves and valve components, cylinder block, piston and piston rings, camshaft chain and sprockets, break-in procedure; engine lower end: engine, flywheel and slator plate, recoil starter, crankcase, crankshaft inspection, balancer shaft inspection, shaft end float measurement, and shim selection, oil pump, oil system one-way check valve, break-in procedure);
Fuel System (carburetor operation, carburetor, carburetor cleaning and inspection, carburetor tests and adjustments, throttle cable replacement, starting enrichment (choke) cable, fuel tank, fuel shutoff valve, air filter air box, fuel pump);
Cooling System (polaris variable transmission (pvt), air cooling system, engine cooling system, safety precautions, hoses and hose clamps, engine gaskets/seals, cooling system inspection, radiator, cooling fan, coolant pump, thermostat, temperature sensors);
Clutch/Drive Belt System (drive unit, drive pulley, special tools, driven pulley, drive belt, drive pulley, driven pulley, clutch outer and inner cover (all models));
Transmission (transmission, transmission inspection, shift shafts, front output shaft, transmission genrcase oil seal inspection and replacement, shift selector linkage);
Front Drive System (front hub and millard clutch, front drive axle, boots and cv (constant velocity) joints, front drive shaft, front drive unit);
Electrical System (basic information, negative battery terminal, charging system, alternator stator, voltage regulator/rectifier, capacitor discharge ignition, ignition coil, ignition stator coils, electric starting system, starter drive gears, starter solenoid lighting system, electrical components, switches, wiring diagrams);
Front Suspension And Steering (front wheel, front hub, front strut cartridge and spring, front strut/spindle, control arm, handlebar, tie rods, steering shaft, tires and wheels);
Rear Suspension (rear wheels, tire changing and tire repairs, shock absorber, rear hub and bearing carrier, rear axles, upper control arm, lower control arm, upper and lower control, arm inspection, stabilizer linkage, stabilizer support);
Brakes (disc brakes, front brake pad replacement trout caliper, output shall brake pad replacement, output shaft brake caliper, output shaft brake pad replacement, front master cylinder, rear master cylinder, brake hose replacement, rear brake pedal, rear brake lever, foot brake, brake disc, bleeding the system);
Body (seat, front rack and grille, side panels, front fender, front bumper (models so equipped), radiator guard, rear rack, rear fender, footwells, rear bumper (models so equipped));
Supplement (starting the engine, ignition system, periodic maintenance, engine tune-up, cylinder block, piston and piston rings, engine, flywheel and stator plate, carburetor,
cleaning and inspection, carburetor tests and adjustments, drive belt, driven pulley, transmission, lighting system, electrical components, steering shaft, rear hub and bearing carrier, rear brake pad replacement, rear calipers, front master cylinder, rear master cylinder, rear brake disc, brake hose replacement);
Wiring Diagram (complete all-terrain vehicle).

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