Free Suzuki ATV Repair Manuals

Free Suzuki ATV repair manuals [pdf] for do-it-yourselfers.

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General Information (vin and serial number locations, fuel, oil and cooling, solution recommendations, breaking-in procedure, special materials, precaution and general instructions, specifications);
Periodic Maintenance and Tune-Up Procedures (periodic maintenance schedule, maintenance procedures: engine nuts and bolts, clutch, transmission oil, drive chain, sprocket
sparkplug, engine idle speed, throttle cable, fuel line, cylinder head and muffler, coolant, radiator hose, tires, brakes, steering, chassis bolts and nuts, general lubrications);
Engine (engine components removable with engine in place, engine removal and reinstallation, engine disassembly, engine components inspection and servicing: bearings, oil seals and crankshaft, con-rod and gear-shift fork, clutch, cylinder head, cyunder, piston, reed valve and exhaust valve; engine reassembly: oil seals and bearings, crankshaft, transmission, crankcase, magneto rotor, exhaust valve actuator, exhaustvalve governor, clutch, piston, exhaust valve, cylinder; reassembling information);
Cooling System (cooling system, cooling solution, radiator removal/inspection/remounting, water pump removal / disassembly / inspection / reassembly);
Fuel System (fuel cock removal / cleaning / remounting, carburetor: specifications, setting table, slow system, main system; starter system: float system removal / disassembly / inspection, needle valve inspection, float height adjustment, reassembly and remounting);
Electrical System (ignition system inspection, lighting system inspection, lamps inspection, switches inspection);
Chassis (front wheel and front wheel hub removal / inspection / disassembly / reassembly / remounting, rear wheel and rear sprocket removal / inspection / remounting, tires, tire replacement, front brake: brake pad replacement, cauper removal / disassembly, caliper reassembly and remounting, disc servicing, disc inspection, master cylinder removal / disassembly, master cylinder inspection, master cylinder reassembly / remounting; rear brake: brake pad replacement, cauper removal / disassembly, cauper reassembly / remounting, disc servicing, disc inspection, master cylinder removal / disassembly, master cyunder inspection, master cyunder reassembly / remounting, clutch / parking brake lever removal / disassembly / reassembly; front suspension: removal / disassembly, inspection / disassembly, reassembly / remounting, front suspension adjustment, reassembung information; steering system: removal/disassembly, inspection, reassembly/remounting, toe-in adjustment, reassembung information; rear suspension: removal / inspection / disassembly / reassembly / remounting, rear suspension adjustment, reassembling information, rear axle shaft and axle нousing removal / inspection / reassembly / remounting, reassembling information, front fender and rear fender);
Servicing Information (troubleshooting, wiring diagram (complete all-terrain vehicle), wire, cable and hose routing, special tools, tightening torque, service data).

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