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General Information (all-terrain vehicle identification, engine serial number, important information, preparation for removal, all replacement parts, gaskets, oil seals, and o-rings
lock washers/plates and cotter pins, bearings and oil seals, circlips, special tools, fortune up, for engine service, for drive train service, for chassis service, for electrical components);
Specifications (general specifications, maintenance specifications: engine, chassis, electrical; exclusive specifications, general torque specifications, lubrication points and lubricant type: engine, chassis, lubrication diagrams, cable routing);
Periodic Inspections And Adjustment (introduction, periodic maintenance / lubrication, seat, carriers, fenders and fuel tank removal / installation, engine: valve clearance/timing chain/idling speed/throttle cable free play/speed limiter adjustment, spark plug inspection, ignition timing check, compression pressure measurement, engine oil level inspection, ‘oil temp’ indicator light check, engine oil replacement, clutch adjustment, air filter cleaning);
Chassis (front brake/parking brake/rear brake cable adjustment, brake fluid level/brake pad/brake hose inspection, air bleeding (hydraulic brake system), reverse control cable/change pedal adjustment, final gear oil level inspection, final gear oil replacement, differential gear oil level inspection, differential gear oil replacement, constant velocity joint dust boot/steering system inspection, toe-in/front shock absorber/rear shock absorber adjustment, tire/wheel inspection, cable inspection and lubrication, levers, pedal, etc. lubrication, electrical, battery/fuse inspection, headlight beam adjustment, headlight bulb replacement);
Engine Overhaul (engine removal, seat, fender and fuel tank, engine oil, carburetor, exhaust pipe and muffler, hose and lead, oil filter, reverse control cable, front drive shaft protector, shift pedal, rear drive assembly and swingarm, engine removal, engine disassembly, recoil starter (except for usa), starter motor, cylinder head and cylinder, piston, crankcase cover (left), shift shaft and starter idle gear, cdi rotor and cam chain, clutch, reverse shift bracket, oil pump and balancer drive gears, crankcase disassembly, transmission, crankshaft, camshaft, rocker arm and valve, oil pump, inspection and repair: cylinder head, valve seat, valve and valve guide, valve spring, camshaft, rocker arm and rocker arm shaft, cam chain tensioner, tappet cover and side cover, cylinder and piston, piston ring, piston pin, crankshaft, balancer drive gear and driven gear, primary gears, primary clutch, secondary clutch, oil pump, shifter and transmission, starter drives, starter pulley and recoil starter (except for usa), oil strainer, oil filter and oil pipes, crankcase, bearings and oil seals, circlips and washers, middle gear service / removal / disassembly / inspection, middle drive and driven gear shim selection / assembly / installation, gear lash measurement, engine assembly and adjustment, oil pump, valve, cam shaft and rocker arm, crankshaft, transmission, crankcase assembly, oil pump and balancer drive gears, reverse shift bracket, clutch, cdi rotor and cam chain, shift shaft and starter idle gear, crankcase cover (left), piston, cylinder head and cylinder, starter motor, recoil starter (except for usa), remounting engine);
Carburetion (carburetor / removal / disassembly / inspection / assembly / installation / fuel level adjustment);
Drive Train (differential gear and constant velocity joints removal / disassembly / inspection / assembly, measurement and adjustment installation, differential gear operation check, rear axle/rear final gear and rear drive shaft removal / disassembly / inspection, final drive pinion gear and ring gear shim selection assembly, final gear gear lash measurement adjustment / installation);
Chassis (front wheel / removal / inspection / installation, rear wheel removal / inspection / installation, front and rear brake, brake pad replacement, caliper disassembly, master cylinder disassembly, inspection and repair, caliper assembly, master cylinder assembly, steering system removal/inspection/installation, front shock absorber and front arm removal/inspection/installation, rear shock absorber and swingarm removal / inspection / installation);
Electrical (electrical components, checking of connections, ignition system: circuit diagram, troubleshooting; electrical starting system: circuit diagram, starting circuit operation troubleshooting, starter motor; charging system: circuit diagram, troubleshooting; lighting system: circuit diagram, troubleshooting, lighting system check; signal system: circuit diagram, troubleshooting; signal system check);
Troubleshooting (starting failure/hard starting, fuel system, electrical system, compression system, poor idle speed performance, poor medium and high speed performance, faulty drive train, faulty gear shifting, hard shifting, shift pedal does not move, jump-out gear, clutch slipping/dragging, overheating, faulty brake, poor braking effect, shock absorber malfunction instable handling, lighting system, headlight dark, bulb burnt out);
Wiring Diagram (complete all-terrain vehicle).

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